Clinical Interests

Dr. Salibiís main interests in Clinical Neurosurgery lie in providing cutting edge neurosurgical care particularly in the area of minimal access spinal techniques, spinal disc prosthesis known as spinal arthroplasty, and spinal complex procedures including fusion & instrumentation of the Cervical (neck), Lumbar (Low Back), and Thoracic (Rib Cage) segments of the Spine.  His latest interests have been in the area of Cervical Disc Prosthesis (Artificial Disc Replacement) otherwise known as disc arthroplasty. He had the opportunity to work outside the US with European workers on Beta site medical centers for the soon to be approved FDA cervical disc prostheses.  Also and for many years he has been applying various techniques in the area of MAST spinal surgery (Minimal Access Spinal Techniques) for microdiscectomy, and spinal fusions.


Motion preservation and Minimal access techniques that donít jeopardize stability of the spine from decompressive surgical interventions, offer the hope of a better future and long lasting relief for every spine patient who needs to undergo spinal surgery.