Back Surgery Instruction Sheet



These instructions are intended to be a brief guide to help you in your recovery.  Please follow these and any additional instructions until you return for your follow-up appointment.   



You will need a follow up appointment is with Dr. _______________________________________, in  _______________________.

        O  Call 412-623-6910 to make an appointment

        O  An Appointment has been made at the following office location ___________________on _________________ at ___________

Restriction for the first four weeks or until follow-up appointment:

        Avoid sitting for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time

        Do not lift anything heavier than 5 pounds.

        Avoid all strenuous activity.

        Do not drive yourself for the first two weeks. After two weeks only drive yourself on short trips as tolerated and only if necessary.

        Avoid bending at the waist. 


Short walks as tolerated are permitted for the first two weeks.  After that you may increase the distance gradually.

Walking up and down stairs is permitted as tolerated.

Traveling in a car for short distances is permitted as tolerated.

Care of the incision:

If you have sutures or staples these will need to be by  your family doctor or by your surgeonís office staff located: ____________________________________________

Weekday removal does not require a appointment but call first in order to assure available staff.

If you have steri-strips they will fall off or may be removed by you in seven to ten days after surgery. 

For seven to ten days after surgery use clear plastic bandages and gauze over the incision site for showering.

Call your physician immediately if your experience redness, swelling, discharge or tenderness near the incision, or if you experience fever or night sweats.

Physical therapy:  You may need Physical therapy.  This will be decided and arranged during your first follow-up appointment.


Your physician has prescribed the following medication:

1.      ______________________________________________

2.      ______________________________________________

Do Not drive or consume alcoholic beverages while taking pain medications.


If a fusion has been done in your spine you may be required to have a brace.  The duration of the brace and when you need to wear it will be discussed with you prior to your discharge 


A prescription may be provided to you to obtain an X-ray if you had a fusion.  On or near the day of your office visit obtain an X-ray of your back and bring your X-ray with you.  You may need authorization from your Primary Physician in order to obtain this X-ray.

 If you notice any symptoms that persist despite rest or medications or if you have any questions, please contact your physician.

 This information is selective and does not include all possible effects and complication resulting from this medical condition, diagnostic procedure or treatment.  Potential complications should be discussed in more detail with your physician.